Tricor has extensive knowledge in the building and we understand that sometimes that’s all our client needs. We want to take away the headaches of building homes to allow our clients to focus on aspect of their business that they excel in. Whether this involves entitlements and land acquisition or development, Tricor believes in a fully transparent partnership to ensure each project finishes to our client’s needs.

Flat Fixed Fee

  • Our goal is to remove any possible cost ambiguity in the entire build process from start to finish.
  • With applying a fixed fee rather than a cost-plus percentage, this eliminates the traditional role of the contractor generating revenues via change orders.
  • Tricor does not benefit from material price increases.

Full Transparency

  • Tricor will provide its clients with a comprehensive budget and subcontractor back-up to show every dollar that it will take to build its houses. One of our core beliefs is that we treat our clients like partners.
  • Along with all costs being available, we will provide weekly schedule updates on all developments to ensure all parties understand progress of construction and allow for forecasting of product availability.
  • Pass-through on all cost savings; Tricor will consistently review projects to maximize value and cost savings.

No Mark-up on Change Orders

  • The approach we take on building these homes should already reduce change orders to a minimum but we believe that if something does arise we don’t charge any additional fees for this adjustment. Our consistent goal will be to have zero change orders on all projects.

Tricor understands that every client’s needs are different. Our business model ensures that we can accommodate every type of agreement. The list below highlights our primary agreement structures; however, we fully understand the requirement to be flexible with our clients operation to ensure as a team we all succeed.



We have been evolving relationships with some of the largest land bankers and developers in the nation to help provide a full turn-key operation to our clients. With most institutional investors only seeking the end product, Tricor can deliver this system on a national scale.


The ability to cater each house to a specific investor “buy-box” is extremely rare but also convenient. With having completed over 10,000 turns for institutional investors, Tricor fully understands what the investor is seeking. Our designer partners have been carefully selected so that every aspect of a house is utilized for maximum rental return.


Navigating municipalities is no easy task and can complicate any project. We have spent numerous hours researching and understanding this process to make sure that projects are both beneficial to the markets we enter and to our investors. At the same time our city submissions are being executed we ensure that all parties agree on the specification package for each house that we will be providing.


This stage of the process is the most exciting part for our clients and Tricor. As houses begin to take shape, Tricor will provide bi-weekly updates to show progress and projected completion dates. We believe keeping constant and open communication with our clients is key to maintaining a healthy partnership.


Upon Certificate of Occupancy, Tricor will provide a standard 1-Year Builder Warranty which abides by all local, state and national codes to cover any potential issues that arise. In addition to a warranty, Tricor in-house technicians ensure that each house is operating correctly prior, during and after tenant occupancy. We want to make sure that the transition between builder and property manager is done correctly.

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